15 Harsh Truths About Being Married No One Ever Told You

Harsh truths about being married

I’m really tired of all the mushy love advice going around these days. And I’m going to dish out 15 harsh truths about being married that you’ve probably not heard before. Being married is not as rosy as most people say it is; they are often hiding some harsh truths about being married. Most single ladies feel that being married is the ultimate goal in life. So, they can’t wait to be swept off their feet by true love. Sure, […]


11 Tips on How to be an Awesome Partner

How to be an Awesome Partner you

Relationships are hard. They seem really easy to start but they are actually difficult to maintain. When you enter into a new relationship, you are plagued with a hundred and one thoughts on how to be an awesome partner and make your relationship work. You are bothered about the success of your relationship and you try your possible best to keep your relationship strong. The first 5 months of a relationship are really tricky; this is the period when trust […]


The Bedrock of a Happy and Successful Marriage

the bedrock of a happy marriage

  What is the bedrock of a happy and successful marriage? I know many couples will say love but love isn’t the only ingredient required to have a happy and successful marriage. A lot of couples today just get married because they like the idea of throwing a glamorous bridal shower or the excitement that comes with organizing a sophisticated wedding. It’s simply for the fun of splashing colors here and there and wearing expensive attires. In their haste to […]


4 Smart Ways to Deal With a Cheating Spouse

How to deal with a cheating partner

  Have you ever been cheated upon? If you have, you know how awful that feeling of utter disbelief and unexpected insecurity can be. I don’t like feeling that way and I know you do too. Every woman wants a man who has eyes for only her; no woman loves to share her man. A woman seeks to always be the center of her man’s attention; he isn’t supposed to stray from her. For me, it’s all or nothing. When […]


5 Obvious Reasons Why Igbo Men Never Get Married Early

Moments With Jenny

I was chatting with a close friend the other day and somehow we landed into marriage talk. I wanted to find out why Igbo men never get married early so I started asking him lots of questions. When I told him I was planning on settling down soon, his reply was “You’re a Lady! We men have a longer way to go.” Trust me, I didn’t leave the matter at that. So, I asked him “Aren’t your mates married?” He laughed […]


The Pros and Cons of Marrying an Older Man

Pros and cons of marrying an older man

Are you thinking of marrying an older man? Well, you didn’t stumble on this post by mistake. Marrying an older man could be fun when you see it from the outside. But when you get in, it may not be a fun ride as you thought or if you’re lucky, it could be the best marriage you’ll ever have. A friend of mine got married to an older man a few years ago. She seemed so happy at first; she […]

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